Do Lovedolls Dream of Babies?

The Making of Do Lovedolls Dream of Babies? Digest version 1’49” video

From the ancient time , mankind has been desiring ” how to create a human”
The various ideas which are considered are divided into two ways, such as “how to create an artificial figure like a human ” or “how to create a life by human cell”.
There are many appearances in all parts of the world to have myths of a robot, what we call, an android and narratives of a doll with a human heart . In these days, development of android robots with the artificial intelligence has been proceeding.
In the field of reproductive medicine, technology of the gene manipulation to control life more highly study constantly, it’s getting possible to give a birth by the artificial uterus. Moreover these divers attempts with state-of-the-art technology are anticipated the birth of “the android who can become pregnant “.

The android as”an artificial human figure ” can be someone who asks us the way of “The Future Mother”on the facing the new decision under the circumstances of “in vitro fertilization “”surrogate mother “and “designer baby”.